Pre-insurance Procedure

a. New Insured

1. A person wants to benefit from Medicard insurance coverage.
2. She/he fills in an application form.
3. She/he pays premiums and receives the insurance policy and card.
4. If the application is not standard, Medicard may request more information before giving approval.

b. Amendments

1. The insured needs to change some terms of the policy, such as, for example, to change the insurance class, or to add or remove a dependent.
2. Insured fills in an amendment form.
3. The Underwriting Department studies the file of the insured and her/his dependents. When the request is accepted, the policy terms are changed according to the wish of the insured. Otherwise, the insured may need to submit additional information before getting approval.

c. Renewal

1. The insured presents her/his expiring membership card to Medicard.
2. She/he decides on the class that she/he wants to renew for the coming year.
3. She/he pays the necessary premiums to Medicard and receives a new insurance policy and card.

Medicard insured who have not made any claim in the whole of the previous year and who wish to renew their contracts, benefit from:
- Future guaranteed renewability,
- Special discounts.