Mission Statement

Our aim is to serve the hospitalization needs of our patients by enabling them to receive the best treatment in a selection of renowned and reputable hospitals throughout Lebanon.


It is a daily challenge to prove and improve ourselves by offering the best customer-focused, efficient, and innovative hospitalization insurance service in Lebanon.


i. Customers First:
We treat our customers as our distinguished guests. SNA's primary commitment is to meet customers' needs, including reliability, quality, service, and price.

ii. Hospitals and Doctors:
We consider our accredited hospitals and doctors as our strategic partners. We seek to build long-term relationships with them, based on our insurance know-how and their reputation and medical skills.

iii. Medicard team:
We believe that the Medicard team is our greatest asset. We invest in our human resources through continuous training and employee involvement of our perceptions.

iv. Accountability:
We take full responsibility for our performance as individuals in particular and as an organization in general.

v. Community:
We participate actively and with great pleasure in promoting the social needs of our community.


a. Customer Satisfaction:

We believe that the way to make the progress of our organization, and specifically of our products, is to understand and to update our information of the market's needs and to listen to our clients' suggestions and complaints

We seek to continuously improve the quality of our customer service to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

b. Hospital Executives and Doctor Satisfaction

We make continuous efforts to improve the level of satisfaction of our accredited hospital executives and doctors by respecting our policy commitments and obligations.

c. Medicard Team Satisfaction:

We consider that a motivated team is highly productive and professional, and therefore we believe in teamwork spirit and operate as a united family.