MEDICARD Option Plan

General Conditions

Medicard Option Plan provides the insured with the right to have a subscription certificate which allows the Holder to be legible for an automatic acceptance to Medicard coverage on the final return to Lebanon.This will be a continuity benefit to those who wish to subscribe to a Medicard Policy within the Lebanese Territories.

  • Eligibility
    - The option plan is open to individuals and families.
    - Expatriates should be living abroad for a minimum of six continuous months after their subscription to Medicard Option Plan.
    - Age limit: Maximum entry age is 64 years old for the head of family and his spouse. Coverage is available to all children over 14 days old and extends up to those unmarried grown-up children within the same family policy.

General Information

- Expatriates should ask for Medicard coverage inside Lebanon within a period not exceeding two months from the date of their final return to Lebanon.
- For every two continuous years of Medicard Option Plan, Medicard will grant the insured one year of guaranteed renewability, up to a maximum of five years.

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