General Conditions
  • Eligibility
    - The medical insurance products are open to individuals, families, and groups.
    - Age limit: Maximum entry age is 74 years old, and then coverage will be provided with no age limit.
    - Insured can benefit from a 15% discount- on our tabulated tarif- at the renewal date, only if no hospitalization claims were incurred during the policy year. This scheme applies on each subsequent renewal period. Medicard will cover groups formed of at least 10 families. The administrative and technical procedures will be decided accordingly- including special discounted premiums, regardless of the number of members, within one family-.

  • Discounts
    - A discount will be given to groups on a case by case basis.
    - A discount of 10% will be applied to families formed by three or more persons.

  • Guaranteed renewability
    The year 2001, innovated a new Plan. Now, the insured will be granted SEVEN years of guaranteed renewability after the first two years of continuous insurance.

  • Method of payment
    Payment is generally made on an annual basis. However, Medicard provides the possibility of accepting half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly payments, subject to domiciliation in all Banks in the Lebanese Territories.